PS3 Multi 4.xx Full NOR Flash Memory Dumper 1.0

Courtesy of PS3Xploit Team

W (Javascript, Research & Testing)
esc0rtd3w (Debugging, Research & Testing)
habib (ROP & Debugging)
bguerville (ROP, Javascript & Debugging)

Many thanks to xerpi (Memory leak exploit ps3 port), zecoxao & Joonie for their early support, cmx for much invaluable information, mysis for documenting vsh/lv2, the psdevwiki team of course, STLcardsWS for his long standing contribution & all ps3 community hackers/devs as a whole, you know who you are...

Supports All 4.xx OFW and CFW CEX Firmware

Supports Phat Models Hxx/Jxx/Kxx/Lxx/Mxx/Pxx/Qxx

Supports Slim Models 2xxx/3xxx

Supports SuperSlim Models 4xxx [Excluding 40xxA/42xxA/43xxA]

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